Revolutionizing Age Verification: NVISO Japan and Privately SA Join Forces for Cutting-Edge AI Technology in Digital Kiosks

NVISO Japan and Privately SA join forces to bring advanced age verification technology to digital kiosks. The solution offers secure, safe and engaging experiences while maintaining privacy and enhancing interactivity for digital kiosks and interactive avatars. NVISO Japan KK, a subsidiary of the leading Human Behavioural Analytics AI company NVISO SA, has signed a binding Heads of […]

NVISO and Unith sign Heads of Agreement to develop Interactive Digital Avatars

NVISO Japan KK (“NVISO”) and Unith Ltd (“UNITH”) have signed a binding Heads of Agreement outlining how Unith and NVISO will collaborate to integrate their respective technologies to demonstrate and then deliver an Interactive Digital Avatar and will promote and sell this solution in the  Japanese market targeting products such as digital kiosks. Click here […]

Santa brings eye tracking to neuromorphic hardware – here is how he did it.

Click here to register for webinar on “how we did it“ On the 18th day of Christmas, Santa brought me …. eye tracking on neuromorphic hardware. Gaze direction, iris/pupil detection, eye openness, and eye landmarks. 2.84 degree gaze accuracy (on in-domain data) 1000+ FPS on neuromorphic hardware <250 KB model size Asymmetrical eye tracking (left/right […]

NVISO announces a milestone release of its Neuro SDK for manufacturers building state-of-the-art AI-enabled human-machine interfaces

NVISO announces a milestone release of its Neuro SDK for manufacturers building state-of-the-art AI-enabled human-machine interfaces.     Following on from its announcement in July 2022 of successful neuromorphic interoperability with BrainChip Akida, NVISO is now announcing support for two new high performance AI Apps from its Human Behavior AI App catalogue, Gaze and Facial […]

NVISO collaborates with Siemens Healthineers to apply Human Behaviour AI in medical imaging applications

Lausanne, Switzerland – June  16th, 2022 – – nViso SA (NVISO), the leading Human Behavioural Analytics AI company, is pleased to announce it has commenced a commercial pilot applying the NVISO Human Behavioural Analytics AI software solution to support Siemens Healthineers solutions in developing new intelligent applications. Initially the collaboration includes the deployment of real-time deep learning-based […]

NVISO achieves another milestone with Interior Monitoring System running on Neuromorphic computing

We have reached another important milestone after showcasing the world’s first commercial grade emotion recognition AI App designed for neuromorphic processing, this technology has been integrated into our test vehicle and is now accelerating automotive interior monitoring systems addressing both driver and occupant monitoring systems. DMS being a key feature expected to become a standard feature […]


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