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Modern AI can transform the healthcare industry by analyzing vast amounts of data with incredible accuracy. Build and deploy secure and robust AI-powered medical devices. The NVISO Human Behaviour SDK includes building blocks and tools that accelerate sensor fusion developments that require the increased perception and interaction features enabled by AI including vital sign detection, eye tracking, advanced emotions. Monitoring of both patient and staff identities and activities throughout the patient journey can lead to significantly improved outcomes and efficiencies as well as enhancing security.

Advanced Emotions

Real-time health assessments can assist medical staff and care assistants in both prevention and treatment of conditions. Using AI powered visual observation for measurement of vital signs, assessment of advanced emotional states such as anxiety, stress, and pain in non-communicative and pre-verbal patients, and assessment of mood and fatigue levels information can be gathered to assist in decision making leading to improved patient outcomes whilst delivering increased efficiencies. It thereby lets you look at the cognitive and emotive aspects of communication and patient state, providing you with actionable insights to make smarter decisions.

Patient Monitoring And Assessment

Monitoring of patients throughout their care experience integrated with hospital information systems, can lead to a safer, more secure, smoother and more patient centric experience with faster and improved outcomes. Highly accurate biometrics analysis helps in reliable identification of patients to ensure patient security throughout the treatment journey along with the observation of vital signs, management of stress when under treatment and observation of overall mood. Further, observations of body movement can help identify medical conditions along with emergencies such as collapse.

AI Apps for
Advanced Emotions

Advanced Emotions

Patient Assessment

AI has the ability to transform pain management for vulnerable patients with innovative facial muscle movement analytics. This enables accurate pain assessment of patients with communication difficulties such as dementia or with pre-verbal children.

Patient Monitoring

Patient Monitoring

Highly accurate biometrics analysis helps in the identification of individuals by precisely recognizing their unique characteristics to ensure patient security. Reliably identify patients and caregivers at the bedside and in the home environment.

Patient Profiling and Assessment

Patient Profiling

Machine learning enables patient emotional profiling to address various challenges in communication and medical procedures. The applications range from identifying patients' reactions to verbal advice, to real-time monitoring in medical operations.

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