NVISO and ePAT:Transforming Pain Management

ePAT, a global leader in innovative pain assessment, is developing a medical application benefiting from NVISO’s Artificial Intelligence which transforms pain management for vulnerable patients with innovative facial muscle movement analytics on a tablet or smart phone in real time.

This emotion recognition application uses a standard smart phone camera to record a ten-second video of a patient’s face. It then analyzes the images using NVISO’s sophisticated facial analysis algorithms. If it recognizes any muscle movements that indicate pain, it notes them to better inform the care giver in real time.

Several major healthcare organizations in Australia are evaluating the pain assessment application, and it has passed its initial validation and implementation studies recently.  It is now moving into clinical trials in the coming months.

This is the first application of Artificial & Visual Intelligence by ePAT and they plan to integrate IBM Watson cognitive services to augment capabilities in future collaborations with NVISO. IBM Cloudant offers replication that makes it easier to store data locally on the device and sync it with the central cloud data store. It’s also a fully managed service, which means having no concerns about database management.



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