NVISO extends its Human Behaviour AI SDK to support animal and pet detection for people in context

We have just released a NEW version of our Whitepaper on Teaching Machines to Detect and Understand Humans“, which will help you understand better how NVISO’s pioneering work in the field of AI is building the next generation of  autonomous machines and IoT devices. Topics covered in this technical whitepaper include:

  • What is Human Behaviour AI and what are key Use Case
  • What are Data Centric AI Apps and how are they developed?
  • What is Extreme Edge AI Computing?

The age of autonomous machines and intelligent IoT devices is upon us. They will affect many aspects of our lives. They will bring about a new generation of diagnostic instruments to clinics, improve cars and transportation, create new consumer experiences, while being embedded into the networks that power and inform society, and will underpin the efficient provision of public and private services. Increasingly they sense their surroundings, operate autonomously and collaborate with other devices seamlessly. Critical to their operation, will be improving the safety, security, and quality of life of humans that interact with such intelligent systems. To interact efficiently and effectively, sensing and interpreting human behaviour will become mission critical to connecting the human user with automation systems. This white paper outlines the core horizontal topics necessary to teach machines to sense and understand humans and use cases where “AI at the Extreme Edge” is not only critical but transformative.


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