Cetera launches Decipher at Connect19 National Conference in Colorado, USA

Cetera has successfully promoted Decipher during their 2019 Annual Connect19 National Conference hosted from July 22nd to July 25th 2019 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. Connect19 boasts more than 4,000 attendees and it is one of the industry’s largest and most prominent gatherings of financial advisors, wealth managers, bankers and accounting, investment and home office professionals. In addition to providing attendees valuable educational and networking opportunities, Connect19 addresses the changing role of the financial advisor and the future of financial advice. During the conference more than 75 advisors signed-up to be the first adopters of Decipher.

Cetera announced Decipher at T3 Technology Conference earlier in 2019 where NVISO announced Cetera had licensed its Human Behaviour AI Solution for its finanical advisors.

Insights ADVISE is an engaging personal experience to enhance the relationship between investors and financial advisors. It allows investors to better understand how they feel about important financial decisions while providing financial advisors with enriched behavioral profiles. The assessment can be taken at home or in the office and investors only need to answer a few simple questions and watch a short video. With Insights ADVISE, investors can uncover their innate biases and understand how they really feel about money and it enables wealth planners and financial advisors to work in the best interest of their customers. Key applications include: Marketing, lead generation and compliance with emerging best interest advice regulations.



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