NVISO and IBM at CeBIT 2017

NVISO and IBM at CeBIT 2017 demonstrating emotion recognition technology

NVISO participated in CeBIT 2017; the world’s largest B2B event for the digital world. The event took place in March 2017 in the city of Hanover, Germany. Over 200,000 visitors from 70 countries attended the exhibition to meet with business partners, decision makers and visionaries.

NVISO was invited by IBM to showcase its emotion recognition and deep learning running on IBM Cloud and giving real-time measurement of emotions. Our software captures and measures the most transitory of facial micro-expressions precisely as they occur. NVISO’s A.I. models have been used to analyze over 25 million faces and our database keeps on growing every day and each time a participant’s facial descriptors are extracted from an analysed image or video.

At CeBIT 2017, several hundreds of people from CEOs to developers experienced how NVISO’s emotion recognition software can transform pain management for vulnerable patients with innovative facial muscle movement analytics. It was a unique opportunity to present NVISO’s A.I solutions to various industries.



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