NVISO presents how Human Behaviour AI will impact the future of financial advise at the 2019 Annual Easton Wealth Conference in Bangkok, Thailand

On May 1st 2019, NVISO demonstrated Insights ADVISE, its Human Behaviour AI Solution for financial advisors, to over 100 wealth advisers and fund managers visiting the UK from Australia. The tour was hosted by Netwealth to expose top Australian advisors to the latest innovation in fintech and enabled NVISO to assess the product-market-fit of Insights ADVISE fit for the Australian market. The meeting triggered a lot of attention and interest from Australian advisors. Consequently, NVISO had been invited to the 2019 Annual Easton Wealth Conference in Bangkok from July 2nd to July 7th 2019, gathering some of the most pre-eminent advisors in Eastern Australia. Tim Llewellynn, CEO of NVISO, attended the conference and presented Insights ADVISE to over 100 financial advisors who expressed great interest in the product and offering. The positive response is opening the door for the introduction of NVISO’s current offering into the Australian market.

NVISO CEO, TIm Llewellyn, presents how Human Behaviour AI can build trusted relationship between investors and financial advisors.

Insights ADVISE is an engaging personal experience to enhance the relationship between investors and financial advisors. It allows investors to better understand how they feel about important financial decisions while providing financial advisors enriched behavioral profiles. The assessment can be taken at home or in the office and investors only need to answer a few simple questions and watch a short video.



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