PainChek MoU for potential pain screening application in companion robots in Japan

NVISO signed an MOU with its existing long-term client PainChek. The companies are exploring the addition of a potential Pain Screening App as part of the total solution offered to Japanese manufacturers of companion robots who are tackling Japan’s aging population and the potential for robots to help with the situation.

Article: Robots Help Japan’s Aging Population

It is expected that companion robots could continuously screen supported individuals utilising NVISO’s Human Behaviour AI on-device detection capabilities with the pain screening capabilities. In cases where pain or severe discomfort beyond a certain trigger level were to be identified as being experienced by a supported individual, personalised messages would be sent by the management system resulting in the dispatch of a caregiver or nursing staff for just-in-time intervention. Staff would then follow through with an in-person clinical assessment using the PainChek diagnostic system, for which there is regulatory clearance in multiple international markets, leading through to appropriate action in support of the individual.

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