NVISO and Unith sign Heads of Agreement to develop Interactive Digital Avatars

NVISO Japan KK (“NVISO”) and Unith Ltd (“UNITH”) have signed a binding Heads of Agreement outlining how Unith and NVISO will collaborate to integrate their respective technologies to demonstrate and then deliver an Interactive Digital Avatar and will promote and sell this solution in the  Japanese market targeting products such as digital kiosks.

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Yokohama, Japan – 24th January 2023 – NVISO Japan KK (NVISO), a Japanese subsidiary of NVISO SA, the leading Human Behavioural Analytics AI company, is pleased to announce it has signed a binding Heads of Agreement with Unith Ltd (“UNITH” ) to integrate behavioural analytics into digital humans in conversational settings for deployment into digital kiosks in Japan.

The HOA will provide NVISO with access to UNITH’s Talking Head platform for the purpose of building integrations into NVISO’s holistic platform that features predictive analytics tied to emotional and transactional outcomes. The integrations will be designed to deliver interactive digital avatars that are able to understand various behavioural and emotional facets of its interactors through eye tracking and facial detection. The collaboration will be assisted by the BonAPPs program which will accelerate development work by providing a €74,000 (approx. $A117,000) grant to the project.

UNITH CEO, Idan Schmorak commented: “UNITH is excited to be partnering with NVISO on this collaboration which will initially target Japan. The Japanese market is well established for automation through computer-to-human interactions with digital characters and NVISO’s presence and expertise in Japan brings significant added value to the partnership”. “By deploying a digital avatar to a kiosk and humanising it with behavioural detection, we will deliver an AI solution that can know how a human is feeling, understand their attentiveness and facilitate an outcome accordingly. This step is consistent with UNITH’s distribution strategy to scale the reach of the Talking Head technology while developing the platform.”

NVISO delivers solutions for a wide range of use cases including those in the areas of Smart Living, Smart Mobility and Smart Health. This is achieved through a range of AI Apps providing visual observation, perception and semantic reasoning capabilities, in supporting autonomous “human like” interactions.

NVISO AI Apps are specifically designed for resource constrained low-power and low-memory hardware platforms deployed at the extreme edge. These AI Apps analyse core signals of human behaviour, such as body movements, facial expressions, emotions, identity, head pose, gaze, eye state, gestures or activities, and identify objects with which users interact. In addition, these AI Apps can be optimised for typically resource constrained, low power and low-cost processing platforms deployed on the edge, as demonstrated with ultra-compact models such as the Emotion Recognition AI App with less than 100KB of memory. Furthermore, NVISO AI Apps can be easily configured to suit specific camera systems for optimal performance in terms of distance and camera angle, and thanks to NVISO’s large scale proprietary human behaviour databases NVISO’s AI Apps are robust to the imaging conditions often found in real world deployments. Unlike cloud-based solutions, NVISO’s solutions do not require information to be sent off-device for processing elsewhere so user privacy and safety can be protected.


“Increasing efforts by customer-centric firms to provide emotionally engaging experiences to customers is a key factor driving adoption of digital human avatars globally” said Colin Mason, Country Manager of NVISO Japan K.K. “Customers will be able to communicate with digital human avatars via text or speech to receive product recommendations. Additionally, these avatars can assist users in navigating through a product catalogue and proactively mimic a salesperson by starting a conversation in any language. These avatars can then understand user preferences through their responses based on a prebuilt algorithm, allowing them to give appropriate answers to users’ queries.”

About NVISO, NVISO is an Artificial Intelligence company founded in 2009 and headquartered at the Innovation Park of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. Its mission is to help teach machines to understand people and their behavior to make autonomous machines safe, secure, and personalized for humans. As leader in human behavioral AI, it provides robust embedded software solutions that can sense, comprehend, and act upon human behavior in real-world environments deployed at the deep edge. It achieves this through real-time perception and observation of people and objects in contextual situations combined with the reasoning and semantics of human behavior based on trusted scientific research. NVISO’s technology is made accessible through ready-to-use AI solutions addressing Smart Mobility and Smart Health and Living applications (in-cabin monitoring systems, health assessments, and companion robot sensing) with a key focus on the deep and extreme edge with ultra-low power processing capabilities. With a singular focus on how to apply the most advanced and robust technology to industry and societal problems that matter, NVISO’s solutions help advance human potential through more robust and rich human machine interactions. ir.nviso.ai

More information about NVISO can be found: https://www.ir.nviso.ai/site/investors/investor-fact-sheet

About Unith

Unith is a leading digital human brand. It unifies the research and development of facial movement deep learning, audio machine learning, and conversational design (NLP) to generate the first customizable, interactive avatar of its kind. Businesses can create their own digital humans to immerse, assist, and educate customers in real time and in multiple languages, all through one full stack platform.

For further information, please visit: unith.ai



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