NVISO announces Direct to Advisor (D2A) version of Insights ADVISE to provide broad access to Human Behaviour AI for financial advisors

NVISO’s Insights ADVISE is an engaging personal experience to enhance the relationship between investors and financial advisors. It allows investors to better understand how they feel about important financial decisions while providing financial advisors with enriched behavioral profiles. The assessment can be taken at home or in the office and investors only need to answer a few simple questions and watch a short video. With Insights ADVISE, investors can uncover their innate biases and understand how they really feel about money and it enables wealth planners and financial advisors to work in the best interest of their customers. Key applications include: Marketing, lead generation and compliance with emerging best interest advice regulations. Insights ADVISE has been licensed to Cetera Financial Group under an Enterprise license.

Over the last year NVISO’s sales and marketing team have been fully focused on engaging enterprise clients in the USA markets and has partnered and launched with Cetera Financial Group their enterprise version of Insights ADVISE called Decipher. With goal of offering this financial product to independent advisors and small and medium advisory firms, NVISO product team has started the development of the Direct to Advisor (D2A) version of Insights ADVISE. This version of the product will be released as Software as a Service with a per advisor per month flexible subscription packages. The Insights ADVISE D2A version will provide the advisors and firms with a set of plug-and-play branding capabilities and customization options all manageable through a new client dashboard. The first Beta version of the D2A Insights ADVISE has been released at the end of August. NVISO is now inviting a small number of advisory companies to pilot the product and provide feedback to improve the service even further.



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