NVISO granted a US Patent for Human Behavioural Profiling from image processing using Artificial Intelligence

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted NVISO SA patent number US11,048,921 that covers an automated method for assessing a behavioural profile of an individual based on image processing specific to a hypothetical or actual event.

This is an important step towards humanizing autonomous machines that can sense, comprehend, and act upon human behaviour in real-world environments to deliver mission critical functionality and value-added services.

The invention includes the steps of detecting non-verbal communication from a physiognomic expression of the individual based on image data by a computer algorithm. The image data is captured when an individual is exposed to a stimulus that results in obtaining the physiognomic expression of the individual in response. Another algorithm then correlates the features of the non-verbal communication to a context and generates a report corresponding to the behaviour profile of the individual. The generated reports can be used in machine-to-machine or human-to-machine systems such as hybrid robo-advisors, automated driving systems, companion robots, medical devices for health assessment and anywhere where automatically capturing and assessing non-verbal communication is important.

“This foundational patent for Human Behavioural AI Systems is a key building block for delivery of our solutions.” said Tim Llewellynn, CEO of NVISO. “This moves us closer to our vision of helping create safer, secure and more personalized interactions between humans and autonomous machines.”



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