NVISO Launches Emotion Advisor

NVISO, the leading provider of emotion recognition software, releases a unique fintech solution that uses artificial intelligence to facilitate financial decision-making.

The personalized engagement solution called EmotionAdvisor, utilizes artificial intelligence to reveal people’s true feelings about their financial priorities. Using an ordinary webcam or smartphone, it captures facial expressions in real-time as users watch a video about a variety of financial issues. At the end of the experience, EmotionAdvisor delivers a personalized report that allows users to make better financial decisions based on how they feel about their finances.

“EmotionAdvisor provides unique benefits to investors, financial advisors and banks,” explains Tim Llewellynn, CEO of NVISO. “Investors can set priorities more easily and make more confident financial decisions knowing how they and their families feel about money. Financial advisors are able to attract new leads and better engage clients with tailored advice based on their emotional responses to investment decisions. Finally, banks can use this technology to position themselves as disruptive innovators and attract new client segments such as millennials,” he adds.

EmotionAdvisor was successfully deployed by the Bank of New Zealand. Over 200,000 people, more than six percent of the country’s adult population, participated. After the project was finished, there were significant improvements: the bank rose from fifth place to second in the national rankings in terms of being considered a good place for clients to manage their money.

EmotionAdvisor precisely tracks facial movements and analyzes the facial expressions that underlie human emotions. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to capture and measure the response of the facial muscles involved in forming facial expressions. Machine learning precisely decodes the muscle movements into emotions. EmotionAdvisor has proven accurate in real world conditions such as poor lighting and demographic variety including ethnicity, gender and age.

The EmotionAdvisor experience can be tried on http://www.emotionadvisor.com



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