NVISO launches Insights ADVISE at the T3 ADVISOR 2019 Conference in Dallas, Texas, USA

Insights ADVISE is the facial recognition solution that reveals how people really feel about money.

T3 is the leading practice management and technology conference for independent and hybrid financial advisors in the USA.

NVISO gave several live demonstrations and were actively supported by lead US client, Cetera Financial Group on stage, in the Exhibition Halls and with other NVISO’s clients.

Cetera then announced that they are adding Insights ADVISE to its suite of financial tools to help its 8,500 affiliated advisers create a more personalized experience for their clients. The goal is for advisers to help clients achieve financial well being at each stage of life with a deeper understanding of the emotions and behavioral nuances that impact their important financial decisions.

Find out more here.

There were many reviews. Undertaking a search is suggested to see just how well the solution was received by the Industry.

A sample review is available here.

Insights ADVISE solution website is here.

The most satisfying quote for the team came from Ryan W. Neal, Technology Reporter Investment News  – “the coolest piece of adviser fintech I’ve seen in four years of attending T3. Not just for the actual software, but in demonstrating how exactly advisers can utilize it in their day-to-day practices.”



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