NVISO takes strategic stake in ePAT

NVISO has reached agreement with ePAT (ASX: EPT) to provide a perpetual license for use of its artificial intelligence software.  ePAT is commercializing an innovative mobile application using artificial intelligence to analyze facial expressions to determine pain which has been given regulatory clearance in Europe and Australia.


•    Partnership between the two parties will accelerate the development and commercialisation of AI in innovative mobile applications

•    ePAT welcomes new strategic investor to the share register, NVISO who are recognised internationally for their expertise in artificial intelligence and micro expression analysis

•    ePAT has reached a key agreement with NVISO for a perpetual, exclusive, global license to use NVISO Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for pain assessment in health care

•    Payment to NVISO will be shares and cash, aligning the parties to commercialisation success

Australian Health app company ePAT Technologies has reached a key agreement with NVISO which will see ePAT secure a perpetual, exclusive, global license for the Pain Assessment Software Development Kit for use in the field of pain assessment and pain monitoring for mobile applications.

NVISO are a key partner of ePAT and have been assisting ePAT with the prototype App development. They have collaborated over the past three years to develop a specific SDK version for use in the ePAT pain assessment App. The prototype App has successfully been trialed for people with dementia in Australian Resident Aged Care and a beta version IOS App has been completed for market introduction in Q4 2017.

“This new agreement provides ePAT with long term access to and development of unique Artificial Intelligence technology with real time pain assessment, plus introduces a key strategic investor to our business,” said ePAT Managing Director, Philip Daffas.

“With ePAT now deploying Artificial Intelligence in commercial healthcare applications this agreement supports further collaboration and R&D opportunities for both companies to provide personalized, safe, and secure healthcare solutions that are unique in their market” says Tim Llewellynn, CEO of NVISO.

ePAT’s technology, uses cameras in smartphones and tablets to capture a brief video of the person, which is analysed in real time using facial recognition software to detect the presence of facial micro- expressions that are indicative of the presence of pain.

This data is then combined with other indicators of pain, such as vocalisations, behaviours and movements captured through the ePAT App to calculate a pain severity score. Due to its ease of use and its reproducibility, the ePAT App will be able to be used in the first instance to detect and measure a person’s pain, and then further measurements can be used to monitor the effectiveness of pain management provided to the person.

The ePAT App will be rolled out globally in two phases: first, the ePAT App for Dementia for people who are unable to communicate effectively with their carers, and the second, the ePAT App for Children who have not yet learnt to speak.

NVISO SA is a Swiss based market leader who develops award-winning artificial intelligence technologies to capture and measure real-time facial expressions and precisely decode and convert facial, head and eye movements into the underlying emotions and behaviors. 



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